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July 19, 2016 - Website information

Why this site?

The purpose of this site is to have fun by showing two fictional characters fighting each others.


All official information will be used from the comics, handbooks, writers, authors & editors statements.
The entire context for each character will be taken into account.
Only combat feats will be used in order to determine how the character manages a fight.
For example:
Superman reading a few books at fast speed is totally irrelevant to his combat speed.
In order to be able to be fast in a fight, a character needs to have the ability to react to a specific stimulus.
Blocking or avoiding a punch is specific task than reading a book which don’t relate to a fight moreover reading fast depends on the brain speed.
Flipping the pages of a book is a totally different muscular work than throwing a punch.

What kind of characters will encounter each others on this site?

That will be mostly Comic Books or Mangas characters.
A few exceptions are possible if I have enough raw materials.
There will be only one version of the characters pictured at once.

Mangas characters are easier to handle as there is only one team following them.

For example:
In the case of Superman we will only use or post-crisis Superman (who’s back in “Loïs & Clark”) or his new-52 self but not both at once as it makes no sense.
Special case:
If a weakness, power, technique, attribute… is portrayed the same way for both characters and that the story gives extra information to help understand it for both characters then it will be used too.

How to analyze a fight between two (or more) fictional characters?

The main point in the understanding of a fight is to actually grasp which kind of maneuvers the characters use to enter (or leave) the fight and to actually try to beat their enemies.
Abilities indirectly related to a fight:

A) The Travel Speed

The first point is to check the enemy and engage or avoid him which depends on the Travel Speed of the characters.
Travel Speed: It’s the movement that allows the character to cover vast distances. It’s an attribute that the character doesn’t use in close combat but provide some utility for different tactics.
Travel Speed Tactics:
• Long-range rush: the character charge from a long distance in order to engage his opponent in close-combat or to go through him while hitting him like a missile.
• Long or mid distance ranged attacks: it’s all about keeping his enemy in the range of his lasers, heat rays, Ki-blasts and avoiding the close-combat confrontation.
• Hit & Run Tactics: it’s one of the two above except that the character engages to deal one or a few attacks when going at distance from his opponent and fly away after.
The travel speed tactics are limited and they are mostly used to soften the opponent before engaging him or when there is no other way to defeat an opponent.
Anyway the core of a fight isn’t in the travel speed tactics but they are useful.

Usual mistakes about the travel speed:

The first common mistake is that some people believe that because a character can attack while moving at high speeds, it counts at combat speed.
That’s not the case.
The character is simply using both at the same time (combat & travel) and both are different.
Therefore both have to be analyzed separately.
The travel speed is usually mentioned or the distances and the time frame are showed on panel.
The combat speed requires counting how many attacks & defense are used on panel. The narration can be helpful in that case too.

The second most common mistake is for people to believe that because a character can navigate / travel at high speed and physically avoid items this can translate in some combat speed.
It’s not the case too.
Moving at high speed involves for your brain to calculate a trajectory and for your body, car or plane to avoid the incoming obstacles, this implies that you just have to change your pattern via moving a few degrees.
Fighting at high speed not only involves for your nerves to react before your brain in order to be fast but it requires you to take the proper positioning to avoid the attacks, or to take the good posture via using your limbs in order to block the incoming attacks
and to strike back at the right moment.
That’s two totally different types of movements that the body & brain process differently.

B) The Stealth:
It’s the core ability used for ambush.
Most characters use it to make surprise attacks or vanish in plain sight in order to harass their opponents.
The core of the fight:
The core of the fight really depends of the efficiency that a character displays in using his powers or techniques.
The main attributes are:
• Striking power.
• Attack Rate.
• Grappling / Grabbing.
• Combat Skills.
• Positioning (in skill & speed): being at the right place to strike the opponent or to defend.
• Timing: being in the right moment to catch an opening in the opponent defense or when he is repositioning himself.
• Defense: Avoiding, parrying & blocking.
• Combat Awareness: ability to counter a surprise attack or an ambush. To counter the techniques of his opponents.
• Powers, special techniques & other exotic abilities.


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      I see. I look forward to it ^^

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